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3 Common Complaints

  • Feeling sluggish and drained of energy
  • Recurring injuries and pain
  • Putting off fitness goals

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I’m a mover and groover

I'm always looking for ways to stay healthy and active. I love working with people of all ages, bringing pink cheeks and smiles to glowing faces.

A little more about me

Through professional dance education, fitness training, and mindful practices of yoga and meditation, I believe that keeping our bodies healthy is a crucial part of a happy life. After all, we only have one body in which to live our entire lives.
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Feedback from Living Rhythm participants…

Doneen, Victoria, BC

“I have to thank Ivana for putting the FUN back into exercise! I have a hard time getting started when it comes to exercise so when I first approached Ivana with issues my body was experiencing I was delightfully surprised at how easy and fun she made it for me.

After working with her one on one, she effortlessly created a 30 minute vitality routine designed specifically for ME that targets my problem areas. Not only that but she puts your routine on a video so you can practice in the comfort of your own home or while traveling.

Ivana is super motivational and when I don’t feel like moving my body all I have to do is turn on my video and feel good having fun, it’s like she’s right in the room with me.

I am only part way through my 90 day vitality challenge and already my body feels stronger, more flexible and problem areas are opening and healing. Thank you Ivana for bringing light into the areas of my body that need it most!”

Photo of Doneen Coxe

Shireen, Victoria, BC

“Ivana has inspired me to make movement a bigger part of my work and personal life. The 642 muscles we each own were made to move, not sit around all day like most of us do.

I learned that the hard way, when I ended up in the hospital last year with what felt like a broken back.

It was and still is Ivana’s customized routine that allows me to release tension throughout the day and continue working at the computer.

As a ballet dancer, Ivana has a unique insight into movement. She creates short but surprisingly effective routines for typical ailments or just overall invigoration.

She’s also a warm, caring person, who believes in community and cares about how you’re doing, long after your session with her.

If you have stiffness from too much sitting, or you’d just like a quick, efficient way to feel better, I highly recommend you try out one of Ivana’s Vitality Sessions.”

Shireen Bawnlavery

James, Victoria, BC

“I have always been a very active person. But when I injured my shoulder from a cycling accident, I was unable to do the things I love to do.

Doctors and physiotherapists were no help. Ivana gave me exercises and stretches to help me speed up my recovery, and I was back to myself in no time.

Her exercises were easy, fun, and took very little time from my busy schedule.

Furthermore, her exercises strengthened my muscles to help prevent future injuries. I am now more fit and active than ever before.

Thanks, Ivana.”